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August 2022

The grey heron. My dad's favourite bird (besides the blue-footed booby ;). A perfect, meaningful, special lockscreen to let my monthly lockscreens come to an end - at least for a while. I hope you change your screen with me one more time, and if next month comes - why don't you scroll down for a bunch of previous lockscreens and see if something catches your eye?


July 2022

I've asked those of you who follow me on Instagram (go, do it, too! :) - and you've requested another abstract watercolour lockscreen. Okay, I'm all on board! I even made 2 versions for us. Here we go - do you like it?


June 2022

We celebrated the past months with great, figurative lockscreen illustrations (at least that's what I feel:), but now it was about time to have another one of these abstract, calming one's - don't you agree? So here comes June, and everything that this colourful watercolour festival makes you see and feel.



May 2022

I have an infinite love and curiosity for the universe, astronomy, physics and "everything space". It was about time that I dealt with that on a monthly lockscreen. 

More to come - if you like it, too? :)



April 2022

Maybe you have, like me, grown up with all those classic Easter decorations and traditions. With this lockscreen, I want to celebrate the fun that beloved holiday traditions bring us - but also ackknowledge the lives of those who are born to  "become or produce easter decorations". Maybe this year, we can have the fun on our phones, but find other ways to decorate our houses than with products (or tolls) of feeling, breathing, living beings?!


March 2022

March has been, is and always will be my favourite month. Not only March, but especially the current, frightful times we live in call for flowers - as a gift to ourselves, to the ones we love, to bring joy and to celebrate the beauty and purity of nature. And yes, we can have all that without cutting one blossom - I've drawn one for us all. Decorate your phone with me, and let yourself be reminded to be kind.


February 2022

In the past few weeks, I've had to deal with death. It was a peaceful confrontation, it was sad, it evoked many questions, some answers, and many mixed emotions. 

The new lockscreen is from my sympathy card, and the still, peaceful night sky illustrates my feelings better than any more words.


January 2022

Happy New Year, my friends! 

A newy year is like a fresh canvas - and I love keeping the January Lockscreen gentle and meditative.

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Lockscreens 2020


Lockscreens 2020


Lockscreens 2019


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