Gesundes für mein Baby 

Babybrei und Beikost - Die bunte Welt der ersten festen Nahrung

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I was asked to illustrate the book "Gesundes für mein Baby - Babybrei und Beikost - Die bunte Welt der ersten festen Nahrung", published with the well-known Swiss publishing house AT Verlag.

It has since been awarded national winner in the category ILLUSTRATIONS of the World Cookbook Award of 2022.

The book collects all important information about baby nutrition, gives numerous tips and tricks for caregivers, and provides simple and quick recipes that even busy grownups can cook for the little ones in no time.

How to best illustrate the rainbow of baby food? I decided to illustrate the natural ingredients of the dishes, highlighting and supporting the authors tips, tricks and inspirational insights on how to provide the first "real" food for babies.

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Have the illustrations of the book inspired you? I've prepared some colouring sheets for you - and invite you take out your watercolours, your pencils, your marker, ... and colour your own "Gesundes für mein Baby" illustrations! Choose your image from the gallery and click on the grey buttons to download.

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