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paper lions studio!

by Ina Steden

My name is Ina. I live and work in beautiful Zurich, equipped with watercolour box and brushes and an attentiveness for all the colours in life.

I am an illustrator with an infinite love for watercolours, ink and everything creative that can be put to paper.

My Illustrations are handdrawn originals, but often find their way into digital products at a later stage. 

Creating art work for your nursery, your home, your walls, or designing custom made illustrations for your wedding stationery, individual logo, web page, post cards or prints  -  I am happy to create something beautiful with you!

And if my work has left you with the ambition to get creative yourself – great! I happily sharing ideas, tips, tricks and inspiration in my workshops for sketching, illustrating and drawing with watercolours. Let's plan an individual event for your own custom workshop, festivity or group event.

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paper lions studio 
by Ina Steden

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